GizMO Prototypes ISWC 2019

Note: Both prototypes provide features to export as TTL, however converting TTL files to JSON is not supported in this release version for the reviewers. A converter is implemented and was used to create the JSON files.

The current prototypes are not optimized for mobile devices (e.g., smart phones).

GizMO Notation Editor

GizMO Visualizaton Framework

GizMO Core Ontology

The GizMO core ontology can be found here.

GizMO Notation Editor

alt text

The user interface is divided into four parts, as shown in the screenshot.

1) The menu on the left side provides the selection of different OWL constructs and options for the notations.

2) The canvas area in the center depicts a selected OWL construct with its assigned visual properties and corresponding rendering primitives.

3) The menu on the right side provides options for customization of the values for the visual properties. All changes are directly reflected in the canvas and the left side menu, applying the WYSIWYG paradigm.

4) The menu at the bottom enables to load and save notations (here as JSON files).


This repository is a temporary solution due to the double blind review process of ISWC 2019.


1) Goto GizMO Notation Editor

2) Create notation and save it as JSON.

Example Notations

Example notations (as *.ttl and *.json) can be found here

GizMO Visualization Framework

alt text


Navigation Menu:

Right sidebar:


1) GizMO Visualizaton Framework
This will load an example graph and the default notation.

2) Select an ontology of interest and visualize it with different notations 3) Select a container and see what notations and views are already provided in the container :)